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Last update: 20th Apr 2013, 8:06 AM
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Sketches, plans, work for Nothing Fits.


Hello. I am Fishy, or Nathan or Nath or Nate, pick one, pick two, pick all.

I'm a trans-guy.

I have a BFA in Sculpture. It is literally useless. I work for an Insurance Company so I now know a lot of very specific things about insurance in New Zealand.

I'm also working on a video game with a friend: Shelflife!

What's a webcomics?

This is me on DeviantART, and this is me on Tumblr.

Second year printmaking student

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Thanks! I hope you stay around comicfury it's a good site~
“You know your famous when...”
You know your famous when... someone makes a fan comic of your work!

Had a great time meeting you gals over the weekend. Thanks for all the help with staffing the NZ Comics stand. I am really loving your project!
Was so happy to receive it :D
Yeah, that is really, really cool.
This awesome guy made us a fancomic for what he thought happened right before page 90!

I think it's really great and you should go check out his stuff because he's a stella guy who made us a lovely comic.
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