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Jaquie November and The Spookiness!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Horror
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 3 days ago, 10:21 PM
Number of comics: 228
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Rating: 5 (12 votes)

Comic description

Welcome to the ghostly comic adventures of Jaquie November and The Spookiness! A webcomic following a group of paranormal investigators as they seek the unknown!


Ven Mortem
Ven Mortem
Hi there! I'm the artist commonly known as Veni Mortem. I do a bit of everything: Music, writing, drawing, painting, animation, programming, sewing. You name it! I'm mostly here to share Jaquie November, but I may have some other comic to throw out here one day!

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Ven Mortem
3 days ago
Ven Mortem
-Spooky Fun Facts!-

● These aliens have been hit with other flying objects from Earth in the past.

● In fact, they adopted a puppy just recently!

Left on Spooky One-Shots #14 - Too Much
Ven Mortem
10 days ago
Ven Mortem
-Spooky Fun Facts!-

● Knife the Vampire returns! But unfortunately he's a bit clumsy.

● Gwyndolen has dreamed of becoming a vampire since she was little, and her dream has finally come true!

Left on Spooky One-Shots #13 - How Gwyn Became a Vampire
Ven Mortem
9th May 2018
Ven Mortem
-Spooky Fun Facts!-

● Gwyndolen is a vampire now! Wait, how did that happen?!

● This One-Shot's title is a reference to the Japanese series Vampire Hunter D

Left on Spooky One-Shots #12 - Vampire Hunter T
Ven Mortem
2nd May 2018
Ven Mortem
-Spooky Fun Facts!-
● When Jaquie was younger, she spent many days with her dad playing baseball, and she still enjoys the sport to this day.

● Her experience there doesn't transition to golf. At all.

Left on Spooky One-Shots #11 - Power Charge
Ven Mortem
25th Apr 2018
Ven Mortem
<h1> -Spooky Fun Facts!- </h1>
● Jaquie mentioned this occurrence in Chapter 10 after returning from their golfing trip.
● I'll be doing several more One-Shots about their golf day!
Left on Spooky One-Shots #10 - Jaquie and Howard Golf