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Jaquie November and The Spookiness!
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Horror
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 3 days ago, 7:34 PM
Number of comics: 253
Number of subscribers: 15
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Comic description

Welcome to the ghostly comic adventures of Jaquie November and The Spookiness! A webcomic following a group of paranormal investigators as they seek the unknown!


Ven Mortem
Ven Mortem
Hi there! I'm the artist commonly known as Veni Mortem. I do a bit of everything: Music, writing, drawing, painting, animation, programming, sewing. You name it! I'm mostly here to share Jaquie November, but I may have some other comic to throw out here one day!

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Ven Mortem
3 days ago
Ven Mortem
-Spooky Fun Facts!-

● This power source had to be brought into the open for Makai's transformation to be powered properly. Despite reverse-engineering the Rive Driver, Zapper could not reproduce the mysterious power source of the Severizer's power.

● Leslie decided to take off her cardboard outfit because it was really uncomfortable to wear, and absolutely not because I was tired of drawing it.
Left on Page 180
Ven Mortem
10 days ago
Ven Mortem
-Spooky Fun Facts!-

● Makai's line in the second panel is a reference to Nobunaga Oda from Onimusha.
Left on Page 179
Ven Mortem
31st Oct 2018
Ven Mortem
-Spooky Fun Facts!-

● The concept of this chapter was to make it feel like jumping into a Japanese hero show or anime like 20 episodes in, having no clue what's going on, or what these crazy terms they're throwing around is all about.

● Makai Prime's design is inspired by both Ambassador Hell from Kamen Rider, and Takeda Shingen, specifically as he appears in Samurai Warriors.
Left on Page 178
Ven Mortem
24th Oct 2018
Ven Mortem
-Spooky Fun Facts!-
● Brooke is already planning ways to snag that energy sword.

● Leslie made this cardboard battle suit in case she had to battle aliens.

● Leslie is wearing a potato chip can on one arm. It's an important weapon.

Left on Page 177
Ven Mortem
17th Oct 2018
Ven Mortem
-Spooky Fun Facts!-

● The Severizer's design was inspired by both Kamen Rider and Hotsuma from Shinobi (PS2)

● Just a single image page for this week. But hey, IT LOOKS COOL!

Left on Page 176