Nuclear Summer 1997
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Last update: 24th Mar 2021, 11:52 PM
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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military/conspiracy thriller/surreal

Jack Fisher is a forcibly-retired soldier trying to find a normal life after events that left him unable to continue work. When he is called to investigate the disappearance of the CO of a soon-to-be shut down nuclear launch base, he is reluctant to return to the life he'd managed to escape- but the situation turns out to be more dire than originally thought, and he is left with no choice but to delve back into the industry that ruined his life.

[A heads-up: Nuclear Summer starts out relatively light, but it is definitely not a kid-friendly comic! Later pages feature swearing and violence as well as other potentially disturbing or suggestive content, so please proceed with caution. R 16+]


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a lot i love about these panels, but the car? chefs kiss.
just read everything and i love the way you just, use the medium i guess? like panel composition and the abstract details and the focus on facial expressions it's just so gd Good!! also, colours and super unique style 12/10 hope you get back to it someday but if you don't I'm glad i could see this much anyway
thanks for reading. also thanks to my good friends for helping me pick out country song lyrics only for me to make them be two whole unreadable sentences in a single panel, i love you guys
Author Note
spent a lot of time as a passenger in long car journeys recently, and you really nail the sense of passively observing the environment change around you
hey, just saw this, apologies- thank you for such a kind comment!! i'm glad you've been enjoying my work :D

i'm sure they'll figure out how to get a conversation going..... eventually