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Nuke and Bob
Nuke and Bob is a story about a bald kid named Nuke and an orange cloud named Bob.
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Nuke and Bob is a story about a boy named Nuke, a stuffed animal who was wished to life named Bob, a boy with a robotic arm named Buke and his sidekick Nob, a boy with anger issues named Julian, and Nuke’s girlfriend, Angel.
The story follows an item called ‘The Core’ that Julian finds one day in the forest. After he touches it, the core latches onto his body and leeches from his stomach, but it also grants him powers, like the ability to shoot a laser from his stomach, or turn into a super powered mega version of himself.
Nuke and Bob is about development, finding yourself, becoming a better person, dealing with PTSD and anxiety, and putting stuff behind you.


I’m Theo! (Or Robbie.)
My Social Media links are below;
Instagram - @nukeandbob
Twitter - @theo_owlman
Discord - theo#7348

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Happy July! Welcome to Chapter Eight! This chapter will follow Nuke’s return to his school!
Sorry I haven’t been releasing comics as much - Just been busy with a few IRL things.
I’ll try to get back to a steady schedule!
Author Note
this comic has very good writing! Is this from experience or something? o3o
and now babies
The music fits, the animation fits, OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME. Nice well done!!!
I cant stop reading