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Strength and Courage in the face of Adversity, will make us Masters of our Fate.
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A Nuzlocke Challenge of the Original Pokemon Blue.

Join Brett, a young pokemon trainer, on his adventures through the Kanto region. Witness his struggles, achievements, and failures, as he and his team of close companions make their journey to the Indigo Plateau in hopes of becoming Pokemon Champions.

(Updated 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the Month to the best of my abilities, sometimes I can be a few days off, if so, check back by the weekend!)


Seriously a slowpoke.

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Oh my god I love your world building and how you're handling this
Omg, that's one hell of a way to "box" a pokemon. So upsetting!!!

See you guys next Tuesday.
Author Note
That's right, there's more than just Badges- I feel there would be scoring as well, more for side events and as further proof of battle history.
Author Note
law enforcement in emerald kaizo be like surrender your pokemon murderer uhuh they tried it so my pokemon did it better ok and if you havent noticed to you see the leauge sash im changing the law to be ya cheezy officers i have plot ehehehehe