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SoulSilver giftlocke, on fire
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Nuzlocke S3 is a pokemon hard mode comic where the protagonist, Yule, cannot catch pokemon; he can only be gifted them. With this ruleset, there are roughly seven pokemon available in SoulSilver. The usual second rule still applies: if a pokemon faints, it is dead.


Escaping from Smackjeeves, I'm reuploading my nuzlocke edits here! again!! pls be patient and kind.

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New save, new save. Rollin around (on the ground) at the speed of (radio) sound.

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Author Note
And now, you know.
I've had issues before with explaining concepts in my comics clearly (like Kurt's granddaughter), but I've done the best I can this save to reveal everything known on empaths as clearly as possible. I'm happy with what I've done here.

Click here to read the update on dA. I'll be taking the usual two-week break in-between saves and return October 18th.
Author Note
Author Note
Well. Time to get Silver answers.

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Author Note
Silver questions.

We're back!! Thank you so much for your patience and allowing me to finish my last OCT off strong. We're nearing the end of this save ...

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