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SoulSilver giftlocke, on fire
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Nuzlocke S3 is a pokemon hard mode comic where the protagonist, Yule, cannot catch pokemon; he can only be gifted them. With this ruleset, there are roughly seven pokemon available in SoulSilver. The usual second rule still applies: if a pokemon faints, it is dead.


Escaping from Smackjeeves, I'm reuploading my nuzlocke edits here! again!! pls be patient and kind.

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Thank you all so much for your patience! My mortal coil has been repaired a la carpal and cubital tunnel surgery. I can now draw without pain--!! which means we can continue this WONDERFUL scene. I wonder where we left off-- //goes through script// oh. Oh, right: my most dreaded fight of the run. Let's go.
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Wastelander Nick
(just saw your twitter) make sure to rest that hand and don't worry, we are patient readers! get well soon!
Wastelander Nick
so, basically, Ho-oH wants to be noticed by senpai :P
p. 27/52 and the last of this long string of weekly updates. I'll be taking a break in order to repair my mortal coil.

For updates on when the next update will be, check my twitter.
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The Eclipse panels are GORGEOUS..... but omg!!!! whats gonna happennnn 0___0!