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Nakama Victory is about Yuria,
a very Energetic & Powerful Fox Girl,
who wants to be the World's Greatest Fighter!
This is a story about Great Power, & Very Little Responsibility!


Kei Esteban
Kei Esteban
Hey Everybody!
I'm an Autistic, who's mostly into
Manga, Anime, Retro Games, & Web Comics!

Hey! If you have any Fan Art of Nakama Victory, please feel free to PM me! ^_^

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Kei Esteban
だいじょうぶです! XD
Whoops! Gomenasai! XD I'm awful XD XD
So it seems XD
Kei Esteban
indeed XD
Kei Esteban
I'm not sure Yuria knows how to pull a punch XD