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Nakama Victory is about Yuria,
a very Energetic & Powerful Fox Girl,
who wants to be the World's Greatest Fighter!
This is a story about Great Power, & Very Little Responsibility!


Kei Esteban
Kei Esteban
Hey Everybody!
I'm an Autistic who's mostly into Manga, Anime, Retro Games, & Web Comics.

I've always wanted to be a Cartoonist!
Now that I'm here posting Comics, I guess I finally am one?
What should be my next Goal?
Become King of the Cartoonist?
Yea, that seems reasonable!

Hey! If you have any Fan Art of Nakama Victory, please feel free to PM me! ^_^

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Kei Esteban
4 days ago
Kei Esteban
Well that's the end of
The Science Saga!
Thank you for Reading!
Nakama Victory will be back February 1st!
Left on Climax! 22
Kei Esteban
10 days ago
Kei Esteban
Indeed, it is...
Now well this go anywhere,
or never be brought up again?
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Panda Cop
11 days ago
Panda Cop
Hmm well thats wierd
Left on Climax! 21
Panda Cop
30th Nov 2019
Panda Cop
Was that it? Cool!
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Kei Esteban
25th Nov 2019
Kei Esteban
Hey, Thanks for letting me know!

it should be fine now.
I have no idea what went wrong tho...

It must be the work of an Enemy Stand!

Or Dreamhost messing up again...
Left on Climax! 14