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A weekly gamer comic about monsterfolk.
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Occasional Strong Language
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Two horrible game store employees trying to squeeze the most enjoyment out of their video games whether they should or not. Updates Fridays @ 8:00pm Central.


Love Webcomics and appreciating games nobody else seems to.

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This guest comic was done by the lovely and powerful Skelegant, who excels at drawing huge powerful motherfuckers and noble battlefreaks of various calibers.

Check out her stuff here like:
Her Twitter
Her Tumblr
one of her best mods Lt. Typhon!
Author Note
This comic was done by the ever inspiring Sgt. Shivers! He is a close friend of mine that makes rad doom mods, excellent games, art & content for the tabletop system Kill Sector, and HOpEFULLY will start a webcomic soon that I can both shill and guest comic on sometime soon.

Check out his stuff like
His Very own Extremely Badass Website
His most recently released game Self Destruct II
His Twitter
Author Note
This guest comic was done by the always rad Jellhound! They do frequent and adorable character designs over in their social medias of lots of monster folk and anthros. A lot of their OCs have been a MASSIVE inspiration for me and getting the guts to draw various stuff, so its an honour to be able to get em to guest comic.

Check out their stuff at
Their Tumblr
their Twitter
Author Note
You better! ^u^
hey wait a sec i recognize this piece.