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Problem solved!
Last update: 12th May 2020, 10:56 AM
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The freeform adventures of Odo the Cat, space freelancer.


Things I like: comics, ALL CAPS

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Hi Miaubol!! Nice to see you :3

Haha, Odo can be quite clever! On the other hand, if this works, I'd be worried about how absurdly easy it is to impersonate a police officer in this universe... xD
Yay Odo!!!

LOL!! that's just brilliant! ...provided that it also works ;)

I really hope the real police is not around ...before he's left and far far away xD
Glad to see you! :D Hahah, I keep coming and going, I'm less stable than a Higgs boson xD

Odo, on the other hand... seems to be very stable in doing things that will get him into trouble ;D
Yay, you are back (again)!

And now Odo is impersonating a police officer...
Surely that won't have any negative consequences for him... ;-)
I'm gonna go ahead and give myself an award for "slowest comic author who hasn't given up yet".

(Also, hi, I hope everyone is doing okay!)
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