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The story of how two modern gentlemen stopped worrying about being transformed into centaurs and learned to love pantsless Fridays.

Most recent comments left on Off-Centaured

Salen (Guest)
Actually, it's not the first time Loki was a parent.
Left on Lab Animals #16
Centaur71 (Guest)
8 days ago
Weird Al Yankovik FOREVER!!!
Left on Lab Animals #15
Salen (Guest)
11 days ago
If he keeps this up, someone might Polka their eyes out.
Left on Lab Animals #15
Dabber Raccoon (Guest)
13 days ago
Weird Al? Really? :)
Left on Lab Animals #15
Centaur71 (Guest)
30th Dec 2019
We now return to the trans-TAUR-mers...
Left on Lab Animals #14