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Comic profile: Off Hours
Off Hours
They're not webcomic characters. They just play them on TV.
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Discontinued/Completed
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Last update: 27th Mar 2015, 5:20 PM
Number of comics: 116
Number of subscribers: 8
Visitors: 11854 visitors (47476 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (6 votes)

Comic description

Imagine that all of these webcomics are like television shows and all of the characters are like actors. Now, what would those actors be like off the set? Then throw in a disaster or two, and you've got Off Hours!



I have been a comic creator since 1980. I have previously co-written and drawn the award-winning Best Spiritual Comic (2008) "Due East" (which is on hiatus but will return) and created and participated in the award-winning Best Collaborative Comic (2010) "Off Hours." I have been happily interracially married since 1995 and we have three kids.

I am a nondenominational Christian, as is my wife. We have been in a Christian band together since 1998. I play electric bass guitar and sing. My wife sings and plays viola and guitar.

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Most recent comments left on Off Hours

27th Mar 2015
There are still a few more thanks to give out. For those who could not contribute art but lent us other telents and/or their characters:
1. Even though Silentkitty could only do 2 pages, she let us use Cai and Aisha (from Purgatory Tower) for the whole series.
2. DAJB from Shades let us use Stan for a cameo and assisted with storywriting in Chapter 2.
3. JunoBlairb from Star-Crossed Destiny loaned Juno (Rae Asano) and Shades (Tristan Holloway) from the end of Chapter 1 onward.
4. PyThomas from Times Like This let us use his Cassie character (as “Destiny Logan” and her evil twin).
5. Even before she contributed art, Skyangel from Simply Sarah lent us her James Bond parody character “Jane Blonde.”
6. Skoolmunkee let us borrow Abby Sanders from Abby Sanders Lawyer To The Supernatural.
7. Thanks to the creator of Craving Control for letting me use C.K. to channel his Lalia character.
8. And for the characters in the “Monster” segment (that got shortened to one page), thanks to Ron Bender from Magical Misfits, Pitface from Putrid Meat, Azaeziel from Karen the Marilith and bittenbymonk from The Uncanny Uper Dave.

In addition to that, my undying thanks to the creators of Scooby-Doo, The Herculoids, Sliders, Die Hard, Doctor Who and Star Trek. These shows played pivotal roles in the direction some of the parodies in Off Hours took.

And lastly, special thanks to Tantz Aerine and Vickie Boutwell for helping me get started with Off Hours' writing and to the rest of the OH artists for working with my scripts and ideas.
Left on Off Hours' Last Page!
27th Mar 2015
…and so it ends, with a note of comedy to end a comedy! The dialogue between Susan Davis (aka Fenny Baker from Devon Legacy) and C.K. Boulware (aka Desmond from Better Luck Next Time) is self-explanatory and hopefully, a fitting end to our long and illustrious tale.

Our last page of concurrent story art is by Nergal from Evil Snowman and the final script is by me, jas from Super Chibi Girl.
Left on OH Ch2 pg 51
27th Mar 2015
Okay, a little explanation. We've seen some of the actors arrive on the set and even receive instruction from a Director...but we haven't actually seen them act yet! So, in the last two “original” Off Hours pages, I wanted to show two of our actresses actually ACT! And what better piece of fiction than a DIE HARD sequel/parody??

In this case, it's C.K. Boulware (yes - he/she has a last name, per OH Ch 1 Pg 9) portraying Greta Gruber, the biracial daughter of the late Hans Gruber from the original Die Hard; and Susan Davis of “Fenny Baker” fame in Devon Legacy portraying Lucy McClain, the daughter of John McClain, the lead from the first 4 Die Hard movies.

It may or may not surprise you to know it only took 10 minutes to write this scene. Granted, that was aided by my being a Die Hard fan…but then again, Die Hard was always heavy on action and lean on plot (just being honest). The title of the movie (“Die Hard In The Sky With Diamonds”) is a play on Lucy McClain's name and a nod to the song “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.”

Now, if this had been a REAL Die Hard movie, Lucy would be bleeding profusely, wearing next to nothing and her dialogue would have her swearing like a sailor (or her dad)…but hey, I'm allowed a little artist license, right? I just love the idea of Susan as Lucy McClain! (It's not radically different from Fenny, just without super powers.)

Very nice art by Nergal from Evil Snowman and script by me, jas from Super Chibi Girl.
Left on OH Ch2 pg 50
27th Mar 2015
And here we have version 2 of Page 48, the final regular page of Off Hours! That doesn't mean it's the last page, because, well, it's not...but isn't it a good page?

Here we take the same subject matter…in a sense, the same scene, with Rose Carpenter (Charna from Nadya) and Violet (Nadya from Nadya)…but take it in a different direction. It's a tad darker and edgier.

Art by Pam Harrison from House of the Muses and script by me, jas from Super Chibi Girl.
Left on OH Ch2 pg 49
27th Mar 2015
Here's version 1 of the last regular page…on the set of “Nadya.” We get to see Rose Carpenter (Charna from Nadya) and Violet (who portrays Nadya herself). Rose gets to see how Violet has changed, personality-wise, now that she's back to work.

Version 2 next!

Art by Nergal from Evil Snowman and script by me, jas from Super Chibi Girl.
Left on OH Ch2 pg 48