Eevee Squad (April Fool's 2020)
Oh god oh fuck oh god oh fuck.
Last update: 1st Apr 2020, 4:13 AM
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Milo, Lily, and Pariva join forces to corner the market on Eevee comics as they learn what it truly means to be himbos.


Hiya! I'm Mopruk, or "Mop," and I'm the amateur artist behind the pokemon comic The Essence of Being. If you ever wanna talk or play a game of Overwatch PC (Americas), my discord is Mopruk#6117. Please send me a quick message on ComicFury if you do so I know to accept it.
what could you pawsibly want to know? _(:3」∠)_

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well, this may have been an april fool's joke, but the three of us have our own individual comics to look at, so you can still see how good we are <3

my second comic (the one i use for this collab):
nein's comic:
mopruk's comic:
Very good start, can't wait for the next page :)
no dusk is the best also saw this on april 2
<-finds this in june-