of Wrath and Peace
Is your anger just?
Last update: 11th Jan 2023, 7:00 PM
Violent Content Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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Memphis has a simple philosophy: that his rage is just, his enemies are damned, and his wrath shall be upon them. It’s that simple... At least until his enemies, time and time again, sacrifice themselves for him. Confused, transformed, Memphis is forced to grapple with his rage and must ask: is his anger truly just? Or has it only made him a threat to all living things?


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Somebody didn't skip Arm Day (yes, I know, supernatural factors involved here, but hot dang, stronk boi is stronk)!
let’s just say it’s supernatural in nature and leave it at that for now lol
as for the swords, that’ll actually be explained later!
Holy cow, dude! How much strength does he gotta have to shatter a solid wall?! And what did they make those swords out of???
got a lot of tips from a fellow creator here on comicfury on how to improve action/a sense of momentum and i’m really happy with how this page came out!
Author Note
He’s definitely not the type to pull his punches, that’s for sure