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Delilah is missing 8 years of memories; what will she sacrifice to get them back?
Last update: 26th Mar 2022, 4:00 AM
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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Delilah Zhang is missing 8 years of her memories, including people who she once held dear. Even through reality-bending headaches and rising tensions with her siblings, Delilah wants nothing more than to know what happened. While she faces a superpowered world outside and a warped mindscape inside, she never stops to consider that remembering might hurt more than forgetting.


they/them ∙ comics/animation senior at the College for Creative Studies

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Dang, that is harsh. Now I really feel bad.
This is the same reason we can’t go backwards in time and space. It gets corrupted and lost with new time and space for the present. I did this with with my very old website and only a few links and pictures were gone.
my legs after sitting too long
uhhh the ol power stealin power?
Yowch. Seems like your teenage siblings have a bead on it. :| Somehow I was almost never bullied, in school, but still those are very sharp words she's using.