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Waves lazily lap the shore, shimmering and reflecting the bubbles that waft across the painted sunset on this cool summer evening. The world seems too still and calm to be dying. But as time itself slows to a standstill from the theft of ancient relics, life is leeching away from the once vibrant lands.

Enter Malachi, a partially evolved Shinx appointed by the mysterious "Maelstrom" as her champion. Problem is, neither of them quite know what has to be done to save the world. Matters are only complicated when an amnesiac Alolan Vulpix washes ashore with her own mysteries to solve. As our heroes meet new friends and foes alike, they find that they may be involved in something much greater, much larger, and much more sinister than any of them bargained for.

A PMD comic based off of a Nuzlocke playthrough of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky! Updates Tuesdays and Thursdays.


just a clown who likes pokemon

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Have a great February Woo! :)

the snowman month began :D

Catgirl beloved has a point, but I can understand Rune's distress here tbh

I think Rune should hear Dielle out though. Part of keeping the team alive is to communicate with each other and rn they're too focused on beating old man stinkytank's ass to notice how they're pushing themselves to the ground
ok never mind I prefer “out for blood” rune over “depression time” rune
We’re not getting those shells, are we? 😔