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PMD: On Borrowed Time
Time is ticking.
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A painted sunset stretches across the sky of a cool summer evening, and the world is dying. Only Malachi, a partially evolved Shinx appointed by "Maelstrom", is able to help save it. Though, when he finds a mute Alolan Vulpix he names Rune cast out in the sea, he finds they may be involved in something much greater, much larger, and much more sinister than either of them bargained for.

A PMD comic based off of a Nuzlocke playthrough of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky! Updates Thursdays.


just a clown who likes pokemon

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I wonder what horrible mistake Maelstrom made that got her stuck in that rock.
Oh crud.
Rock man be quiet or I SleepyWasabi shall end your existence
That... was actually pretty short all things considered.
Maelstrom please.
Wait what pokemon is the dream guardian even? A psychic drampa?