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Comic profile: Once Stung
Once Stung
With great power, comes a great rush
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 13 days ago, 5:00 PM
Number of comics: 145
Number of subscribers: 91
Visitors: 117079 visitors (648210 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.97 (553 votes)

Comic description

After being stung by a genetically modified bee, Cynthia Clarkson... well, three guesses what happens next. Adopting the superhero identity of the Queen Bee, she sets out to kick ass along with the other quirky superheroes against a gallery of freakish super villains (And one guy named Jerry).

But does such great power belong in the hands of an adrenaline junkie with no sense of responsibility?


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I watch cartoons for a living, and that ain't all bad, babeee.

Most recent comments left on Once Stung

DMC_Run (Guest)
One week ago
Re: "Shut up, Dummy!"
Glass Houses, Girl!
Who're you to call someone 'Dummy', when your cheeks are painted like a kindergartner's doll?

Meanwhile, Sam looks more-than-ready enough to sink her fangs into someone!
Left on 04-14
DMC_Run (Guest)
9 days ago
But she needn't lose her personality, merely focus it somewhere other than at Cynthia & her circle of friends.
A rotten person can remain rotten & STILL learn to avoid burning their hand in the fire.
That's what separates TRUE Humans from the "Darwin Award"-winners.
Left on 04-14
10 days ago
But if she chooses correctly, there goes her personality. Then what would she have to live for?
Left on 04-14
DMC_Run (Guest)
11 days ago
Given your strength-level, I suggest that you need to take hold...
...not by her neck, just her jaw, so she can't talk back...
...use only that grip to force her down onto her knees, to demonstrate how strong you are, & say to her:
"For 2 weeks, I left you alone."
"I was HAPPY to leave you alone, but now...?"
"Let's try to speak in YOUR language, so you'll understand:"
"Either you will - End - This - Now."
"Or else (& squeeze harder, here) no amount of surgery will EVER make you pretty again."
"This is NOT a negotiation --- this is a fact."
With your free hand, wrap your fingers around her head, with your thumb on her eyelid.
Then, unhand her jaw, & say:
Left on 04-14
12 days ago
Maybe if she was psychic...
Left on 04-14