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Comic profile: Once Stung
Once Stung
With great power, comes a great rush
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Content flags: Violent Content
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Two weeks ago
Number of comics: 137
Number of subscribers: 88
Visitors: 96597 visitors (514468 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.97 (534 votes)

Comic description

After being stung by a genetically modified bee, Cynthia Clarkson... well, three guesses what happens next. Adopting the superhero identity of the Queen Bee, she sets out to kick ass along with the other quirky superheroes against a gallery of freakish super villains (And one guy named Jerry).

But does such great power belong in the hands of an adrenaline junkie with no sense of responsibility?


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I watch cartoons for a living, and that ain't all bad, babeee.

Most recent comments left on Once Stung

11th Oct 2017
Love that expression in that last panel! XD And as always, your buildings are brilliant.
Left on 04-09
DMC_Run (Guest)
9th Oct 2017
I'm just assuming that "male modelling" is his good-natured way of saying: "MYOB"...
...because it's HIGHLY UNLIKELY that a guy with an armored body could model, & still maintain a secret identity.
Still, it DOES pose the same security-problem that Bruce Wayne suffers from: "FTM" = "Follow The Money". Anyone who asks themselves how-&-where Batman affords such expensive "toys" should be able to trace them back to his "civilian" identity.
Left on 04-09
6th Oct 2017
At least he's paying for his own damage
Left on 04-09
5th Oct 2017
Sounds like a plan to me.
Left on 01-32
Grey Garou
4th Oct 2017
Grey Garou
And the human wrecking ball thunders into the night with...the best of intentions? He definitely has his good side, but who can tell what side it is when he's all rolled up?
Left on 04-09