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Once Stung
With great power, comes a great rush
Last update: 12th Feb 2020, 6:00 PM
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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After being stung by a genetically modified bee, Cynthia Clarkson... well, three guesses what happens next. Adopting the superhero identity of the Queen Bee, she sets out to kick ass along with the other quirky superheroes against a gallery of freakish super villains (And one guy named Jerry).

But does such great power belong in the hands of an adrenaline junkie with no sense of responsibility?


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I watch cartoons for a living, and that ain't all bad, babeee.

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It's hard to find people to work lately :(
Awesome. Make sure you drop a link here to your new comic once it's up!
Thank you, that's always great to hear. I'm currently working to start another comic but after that's gotten going, I'm gonna try to find someone new to draw Once Stung and see if we can get it going again.
Hope this comes back. I just found this comic and read through the archive. great stuff!
Depends on whether you use pine sawdust or ironwood...
There, gotcha covered ;)