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Once Upon a Calamity
Come sit by the fire and listen to the storyteller's tales.
Last update: 9th Feb 2020, 10:44 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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Once upon a time, there were wonderful stories. These stories were known and loved by all, and passed down over the generations. Children would gather round and listen in excitement and fascination as each storybook was opened and read aloud to them. Stories of magic, princesses, heroes, girls in capes and the big bad wolf. Stories of friendship, love and important
lessons for life.
But tonight, this storyteller holds these wonderful storybooks, covered in blood stains and tears. And now, these books shall be opened, and you are the children who eagerly await the new tales of tragedy and horror.


Hi, I'm Jack, I grew up in Oregon near Portland, which is a notoriously strange and wonderful place that's under a coffee shop invasion and is 70% rain. I'm a 90s child and a lot of my inspiration comes from anime and manga, though I prefer to have my own art style. I have been drawing comics passionately for nearly 20 years now, working up experience in order to produce my own original stories. The comics you'll find here are very different genres from one another, so feel free to check them out and see if any of them click.

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Slim Kittens
That it needed to be 10+ pages longer?
Now, what does this story say to you?
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Vicious E
morbid and morose, yet cute.
Wolf can be a bit cheesy...
Author Note
1/10 worst page of the entire comic. Basically nothing happens on it and it feels like awkward filler. Oh well.
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