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Last update: 12th Jul 2020, 6:27 PM
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“You think it will never happen to YOU, huh? That‘s what I thought too.
That‘s what they all think. No one who had it happen to them expected it.
But let me tell you: You can trust no one in this world - not even, no, ESPECIALLY not yourself.“

Capri thought she knew what she wanted in life, and how to achieve it. She had always been used to obstacles, but when she started messing with the wrong substances, trusting the wrong people, everything in her life threatened to fall apart.


I'm Isaac!
Furry and Comic Artist in their 20's, trying to tell some stories :)

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This is really cool. I’m eager to read more.
I forgot to update yesterday, please bear with me haha

Also a new face appears and she has a name!! Gasp
Author Note
thank you!!
I really like the art style in this comic :3