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“Among her failing dating attempts, Cara Luong frequently visits her otherworldly lover in her sleep every night. But when given a chance to make her fantasies come true, her romantic exploits were forgotten! Now Cara and the fantastical Richie must sort out their predicament beyond the scope of dreams and reality itself. That is, if Cara wants such a person to exist in the first place!”


Hello! My name is Tuyetnhi and I've been drawing since middle school. Now I'm doing OIYD! for the time being while finishing up my teaching studies. Nice to meet you!

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Email: tuyetnhip.art@gmail.com

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9th Jan 2020
Chapter 3 will be released once I get a buffer going but expect some pages sometime in the next few months (if teaching lets me! lol)
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Tuyetnhip
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17th Dec 2019
Oh. Well...

Risen from finals, I'm officially on winter break! Ch.3 is currently in the thumbnail process. I'll be cranking these 4 panel comics till its' officially announced, so please enjoy lol.
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21st Nov 2019
Hi Everyone! I hope you're enjoying your day or thanksgiving (for US folk). I'm in the process of setting up my gallery show, but I can say for sure I'll have more than enough time to work on OIYD! for next year.

Also for a future bonus strip, which minor character you want me to focus on? It can be Ana, Dean... maybe someone else entirely? hmm~ Let me know in your comments! Thank you!
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7th Nov 2019
The winner goes to Alikatblues from smackjeeves! Please email to oiydcomic@gmail.com to claim the pdf and sticker sheet~

Thank you everyone who participated!

Also shout out to these artists. Please support 'em!
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31st Oct 2019
Also forgot to add this but you have to follow the comic during and after a few weeks when its over~ But on site, I think it's fair game. I prefer folks to had read it previously though!

Any questions about the giveaway can be towards oiydcomic@gmail.com! Otherwise, good luck! Giveaway ends November 7th, 12PM EST!
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