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Comic profile: On The Bus
On The Bus
A comic strip by Elaine M. Will
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Comic language: English
Genre: Gag-a-day
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 7th Nov 2014, 2:54 PM
Number of comics: 74
Number of subscribers: 27
Visitors: 35123 visitors (139568 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.98 (56 votes)

Comic description

Little monster characters saying & witnessing awkward things.


Most recent comments left on On The Bus

DLM X-13
27th Dec 2014
DLM X-13
Welp...I was actually drawing these for $$$ for a free local weekly newspaper. They cut some stuff back and my strip was one of the things that got cut, because not enough people were reading it and nobody wanted to advertise on the same page. I should probably be more upset about this, but the truth is that 1) it was way more work than I was getting paid for, and 2) I feel that maybe only half of the 100+ strips were successful. (You haven't seen the less funny ones I didn't post ;) And 3) Because of how much time they took, they were taking too much time away from my other comic project, Dustship Glory. It IS kinda too bad, because I did feel that I was really starting to hit my stride towards the end. Hopefully I'll get the urge to do more in the future. :)
Left on Things People Don't Usually Say
gary cramer
14th Dec 2014
gary cramer
What's going? Why the break? I really enjoy this strip!
Left on Things People Don't Usually Say
DLM X-13
7th Nov 2014
DLM X-13
This will be the last strip for a while. Thanks to everyone for their support!
Left on Things People Don't Usually Say
DLM X-13
1st Nov 2014
DLM X-13
Er...I'm a woman, so I'm obviously not speaking from personal experience on this one. :p
Left on Beard Problems
Songgu Kwon
27th Oct 2014
Songgu Kwon
Ha ha! I'd punch teen-age me too.
Left on Timepunch