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Worlds have crossed paths, leading towards potential disaster for both.
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An experimental AU comic featuring characters from another world thrown into the magic-ridden and often-times dangerous world of Gaia. There's the matter of getting everyone back to where they're supposed to be, but that's not a straightforward task when Gaia has troubles of its own to ensnare even foreign inhabitants in.


Just another hobby writer and comic-maker when my attention span and day job allow me to be!

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***Also, some important news..***

So, for more than one reason, this is the last update of Onward for the foreseeable future. I apologize to anyone who may have been looking forward to it continuing, but it is now on indefinite hiatus. I don't like to say 'never', however it's most likely not going to continue. I vowed however I would at least give an end to this chapter before stopping!

I maintain I did learn stuff while doing this, and I am definitely NOT going to stop telling stories. It's just wired into my brain, I like telling stories (be it comic or written)!! I'll probably pick up a new comic project in future -- if you're interested, come follow me on Twitter or devART!
I'm also currently trying - even if unsuccessful - to do NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and the writing project could well continue into December depending on how long it is.

I may drop an update here if I do start a new comic project (or in the unlikely case I pick up Onward again).


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Author Note
Nice to be considered equal with monsters, eh? But that's just the card kitsunes got dealt in Gaia. 8T

END OF CHAPTER, come back tomorrow for a bonus cover page and important news!
Author Note
It was really tempting to break my monochrome scheme and add some red to this page (and the last). I love the black/white/red combo, like the weirdo I am.
Author Note
Poor 3-eyed wolfie, got burned and stabbed! QAQ
Author Note