Original Character Tournament
A ComicFury Collaboration
Last update: 28th Feb 2021, 12:33 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Sexual Situations Frequent Strong Language
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This comic is an archive of a ComicFury forum game in which a diverse group of characters from all across the site come together to fight each other.



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Lord Myk
I'm glad they were able to successfully kick off a rebellion. I'm proud of them.
Panda Cop
I like fist head man, reminds me of kinnikuman, i think his name was omegaman he could turn his whole body into a fist/hand
It’s a quiet before the storm...
Revolution and Reading!
Zarzaliel’s Local Fisting champ is amazing, all of his pages are great
This page includes contributions from: Lord Myk, Tom Street, Mr.A, & Zarzaliel
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