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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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Where your magic mushrooms are literally magic.

This comic is for a mature audience
Contains or will eventually contain:
-Sexual content(some pertaining to deviancy)

If you see something else that might be useful to warn about here, you can send me a pm about it.


I do comics to fool myself in thinking that I'm not going to go crazy.

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Thanks a bunch! I just checked James O'Barr's art. I like it
End Times
I'm not going to pretend I completely understand this series, but I love how it develops. Every page is a progression. It reminds me of James O'Barr's original Crow series, mixing media and art styles. Very interesting.
While I can't know what you mean in detail, I can, at least to some degree, imagine why it feels awkward. Maybe a good way to deal with this is to make a character based on the construct, instead of the character which actually was/is it ..? If that makes sense?
Yes they are all Daniel, and so is the man in the third image, and the narrator in the sequence. The one on the right is a lot more recent in terms of creation/design but the other ones were drawn more recently... if that makes sense.

I really get what you're saying about some characters being so important you feel you HAVE to get them right. I've been there, stopped me from sharing a lot of works. With Daniel it's a bit different. I don't want to write a novel here, or sound too insane. So what I can say is that he's some kind of construct that's been with me since childhood, but never was written or drawn as a character, until much later in life. He was then planned to be in Over the Influence as the character. But then at some point recently the construct became an important part of my life again, and it makes it kind of awkward.

I'm sure that was more confusing than helpful, sorry D:

( Thanks! :D )
The title comes from a peculiar place that suddenly appeared in a dream where I was otherwise walking on familiar ground. It looked a bit like a giant hall, and was completely carved out of some ochre material. It left a profound impact on me.

Since the story I wrote has a strong dream theme, I thought it was fitting to give a nod to that place in the title.