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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Genst is a city with more than its fair share of strangeness. Gateways to magical realms spatter it like potholes, and eerie creatures slip between them, only rarely noticed by normal people. Mister Tyto's job is to try and keep it that way, and stop too many people being cursed, kidnapped or eaten. He is not paid nearly enough.

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I'm a comics artist/ writer and illustrator working in Glasgow, Scotland! You can see my work and stuff at here! I also have a patreon, and supporters get to see not only a bunch of behind the scenes stuff on all my various projects, but they see every page of Owl People a week in advance!

I highly doubt anyone remembers me, but I used comicfury to do my very first webcomics, over 5 years ago! Some people may even recognise Owl People, which had its genesis here, though this is a much better version I hope. That's also the reason I had to hyphenate the name. Cannot for the life of me get back into my old account. oh well.

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time for business, duck time is over.
Author Note
ahh thank you! some of the eaerly chapters don't have alt text as I uploaded them en masse, and one day I shpuld go through and put actual proper alt text for accessibilty, but I haven't found the time yet.
ahh thanks shab!
This is such a great witchcraft page!
And I hadn't realized that there was mouseover text! Now I need to reread it all again. At some point.
Anyways, it's been a fun ride. Can't wait for more!
I'm loving your mouseover texts lately.