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Comic profile: Owl People
Owl People
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: One week ago, 11:00 PM
Number of comics: 121
Number of subscribers: 19
Visitors: 16741 visitors (87169 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (21 votes)

Comic description

Genst is a city with more than its fair share of strangeness. Gateways to magical realms spatter it like potholes, and eerie creatures slip between them, only rarely noticed by normal people. Mister Tyto's job is to try and keep it that way, and stop too many people being cursed, kidnapped or eaten. He is not paid nearly enough.

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I'm a comics artist/ writer and illustrator working in Glasgow, Scotland! I'm part of a comics collective called Panels, and you can find our site (with our upcoming cons) here! I also have a patreon, and supporters get to see not only a bunch of behind the scenes stuff on all my various projects, but they see every page of Owl People a week in advance!

I highly doubt anyone remembers me, but I used comicfury to do my very first webcomics, over 5 years ago! Some people may even recognise Owl People, which had its genesis here, though this is a much better version I hope. That's also the reason I had to hyphenate the name. Cannot for the life of me get back into my old account. oh well.

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One week ago
Man I wanna live in a little round house with my queerplatonic witch gfs.
Left on How to make a god p17
Two weeks ago
tfw you wake up from a nap feeling like you need a nap.
Left on How to make a god p16
19th Oct 2018
Hey I totally forgot to post this on earlier pages but I'm involved in an awesome choose-your-own-path book called Into the Dungeon That's currently up for funding on Kickstarter! It's an illustrated adventure book with loooads of outcomes and cool little things to explore and you can get a bunch of other goodies with it if you want! The other artists involved are insanely talented and lovely people so you should look into that! Check it out here!
Left on How to make a god p14
12th Oct 2018
More customer service moods.
Left on How to make a god p13