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A kind musician and a young man raised by the streets - who btw are both kinda awkward - meet and become fast friends... but will it end there?


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A young artist from Finland. Sometimes I make comics.

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:3c He better be!
His beautiful reflection :3
Haha that's okay, this platform can get confusing at times! xD
Gosh thank you so much!! ;v; It's really awesome to hear that, gives me that extra boost to make the future ones even better!

Ooh yess! That's awesome! In many projects things get left out for various reasons, even though they would be nice to be included. Those extended versions or bonus contents are like a director's cut, and always fun and interesting to see! So I'm very happy you got inspired to draw that bonus content, too!

Thank you, and you too! <3
Lol sorry I still have to get used to Comicfury, that second comment I made was meant to be a reply XD