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Panda Cop
Evil shall be destroyed
Last update: 8th Sep 2020, 5:31 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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Panda man kills bad guys in a shitty city.

*Wear a diaper before reading you might crap your pants!


Panda Cop
Panda Cop
Panda Cop is a Panda man who is a cop in J city. He kills bad guys and hangs out with Ganmi his best m8.

Also there is Gator Man and a bunch of freaks and cannibals.

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Panda Cop
Thanks m8, this was my first comic so it is most primitive and puny
cool stuff dude!
Jason Moon
It looks awesome man!!
Panda Cop
I thought about you while making this, i really should have taken a pic before the coloring just with the pencils.

You probbably know how they smudge with graphite. I used to use a sharpie the thin ones with the metal around the tip and erase all the pencils then use a black pencil crayon for shading you probably do the same
Jason Moon
Great color