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Last update: 17th Jun 2013, 12:00 AM
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In 2028, the quiet season in the clash between Megaman and the robotic forces of Dr. Wily had lasted for 10 years. Many had thought the evil doctor to be gone for good, but Megaman knew that the real end was yet to be seen...

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I'm a weird Finnish guy whose roots are in Alajärvi, Southern Osterbothnia, Finland. Nowadayas I live in Jyväskylä in Central Finland and study English and teacher studies at the University of Jyväskylä.

My history as a webcomicist started in April 9th 2010 when I started my sprite comic "Paper Cuts" on Drunkduck. After 400 pages of the original PC, I decided to remake the comic on drawn form, as the plot was expanding so much beyond the bondaries of Megaman game plots, it was going to be huge pain in my butt to make all the necessary sprites. That's when I gave rebirth to PC here, in ComicFury. Now Paper Cuts is on hiatus to give more time to my studies and my other, less time-consuming comic project, Pokémon: Our story.

I have some other hobbies, too. Biggest one is airsoft, which I have played for about 3 years now. I started out with a British DPM kit with G36C Rifle, but nowadays I mostly use Finnish WW2 equipment. You can find my airsoft videos on my youtube channel.

The text in my videos is Finnish, but there isn't much of it. It's mainly graphical, as the safe-cased GoPro Hero2 doesn't record much sound.

I'm also addicted to "semi-retro" gaming, meaning NES and Playstation 1. I'm not a serious collector, but I sometimes buy games I happen to find. My favorite games on NES are Megaman games (well duhh), Super Mario Bros.3 and Battletoads. On PS1 my favorites are Hogs of War, Crash Bandicoot games (especially CTR) and Spyro The Dragon trilogy.

My more minor hobbies include reading, PC gaming and walking around. And I looove coffee.

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There more of those things. That's gonna be hard for them to stop those reinforcements. And that will be even harder without their artillery that has been destroyed.
Page 10! And the last two panels were messed up in a hurry, I've been behind my drawing schelude as my work takes a lot of time, as does airsoft, and some of my ProMarkers are starting to dry out...
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This is what I call a War Machine. It's gonna be hard to stop this thing.
heh u and your softball
Sorry I am late, Operation Kreuzotter was way too exhausting (fun as all heck though) and time consuming for me to start scanning the page right after I've cleaned all my equipment and stuff.
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