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Paper Streamer At Def-Con 5
A space elevator sci fi webcomic
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Content flags: Strong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 29th Sep 2017
Number of comics: 129
Number of subscribers: 6
Visitors: 18841 visitors (150123 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.64 (11 votes)

Comic description

A science fiction web comic loosely based on ongoing research and speculation regarding space elevators and alternative space launch methods. The story and images are composed in pulp fiction and noir styles, with some use of 3D models, but with informative sections regarding the related technologies and concepts. The author and artist is an active reader of related technical research papers and hopes to entertain the audience while learning about the space elevator and its related physics concepts.


Most recent comments left on Paper Streamer At Def-Con 5

17th Jul 2012
I like this page looks. It almost has an abstract look to it. You can make video games? I tried using torque game engine to make a video game I came up with but the learning curve was too high.
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17th Jul 2012
If you want further space adventures, then checkout my video game.
Here is the link to download the Executable. It is virus free and will not hurt your computer.

Good luck you f*cking space cadets.
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26th Jun 2012
They are dumb fucks. They probally like abstract art...yuck...or even worse anima. If they are too stupid to see the difficulty in making a piture like this work...photographs or not...they are not worth listening to.
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25th Jun 2012
"full page comic style"
What do you think about traditional comic layouts versus 1-painting-per-page layouts?

I thought I would post the original page of paintings, which was created using a traditional box sequence page layout.

I'm sure this helps to communicate narrative events in a more digestible format, but the purpose of the style I have been using (1-painting-per-page), is to attempt better engrossment / emersion into the the visual/graphic experience, with wide-screen paintings, like a slide show movie.

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10th Jun 2012
Thanks! I studied actual manufacturing robot arms, and a bit of oil-platforms. After I get the forms laid out and shaded, then I needed to develop the sparse composition. So, I made it on an elevated platform, and then the oil-platform shapes, and then experimenting, and then finally I cheat. I cheat by layering texture photos. The texture photos are photos of like jet engines and car engines, etc. I rework some detail based on happy accidents with the texture photos. I posted this painting on and they all told be to go back to drawing cubes and spheres, and stick figures.
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