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Comic profile: paradoxes
things happen. Even when they don't.
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Content flags: Strong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 19th Dec 2012, 11:45 PM
Number of comics: 5
Number of subscribers: 1
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Hi! I'm a roleplayer, a gamer, and a tumblr addict. I have a youtube account and a deviantart. sometimes I write, but mostly I draw.

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19th Dec 2012
You are zipping upwards, sycthe in one hand, other outstretched. Your Witch-spawn comrade is at your back, wings curved for maxiumum speed as you fly up to confront the king of bad dreams.
On the ground lays the other comrade, injured. you scared off the Demon dreams that were attacking, but not without him gaining a wound. You hope he doesn't bleed out before you can get there to tend to him.
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19th Dec 2012
The reason you gave a short, unsatisfactory introduction was because you are sleeping!
You have to help your comrades with defeating the king of bad dreams.
You will gladly show what's going on, though.
Left on Proper intoduction, please?
15th Dec 2012
.... You just happen to be a superhero.
The Created, a famous godlike superhero who defends the citizens of the capitol city from the evil that lurks in the dark.
Not only is the Created a godlike superhero, the Created is technically a god. Which puts your alter-ego on the ranks next to the Baron, the Heir, and the Prophetess. The Heavenly Four, they call you.
Your parents are the only ones who know.
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15th Dec 2012
Your name is FLORA VULPA, and you are the CLOCKERMAKER's daughter.
Normally this would make you an APPRENTICE OF TIME, but you have no talent for such a thing! You are much better are being an APPRENTICE OF SOUND.
You are interested in many things, like COMICS, ANIME, DUBSTEP, and WRITING NOVELS. Not the shitty kind either.
You are fairly good at art, which you have been practicing for as long as you can remember.
You also have a big secret.....
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