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The Misfits of Mischief In: Parallel World Tour
Random fun with Monroe, Quinn and Bjorn, the Misfits of Mischief
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
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Last update: 29th Nov 2017, 2:41 AM
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Comic description

Bjorn Loki, Monroe Coyote and Quinn Anansi, the bastard trickster demigods known collectively as the 'Misfits of Mischief', have been to many a parallel and alternate reality across the Omniverse. Here are a relative few of their merry, madcap stopovers.


Another Broken Cartoonist.
Dr. Apathy with a PhD in PhuckDat.
Stays crispy in milk. Stays happy in vodka.


Misfits Of Mischief
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Citizen Ant
Citizen Ant
Another ant in a long line of ants.


Most recent comments left on The Misfits of Mischief In: Parallel World Tour

29th Nov 2017
We interrupt this storyline for this special fanart!

So, remember way back at Easter when Monroe, Quinn & Bjorn popped into the dimension known as the BEHOLDERVESE, yeah?
Of course ya do.

Well, the superheroes and heroines and villains and villainessessessessss of the Beholderverse being the 'frisky' sort that they are, and our trio of trickster troublemakers being the frisky sort that THEY are--

Well, what did you THINK was gonna happen? An Easter Egg hunt on the White House Lawn?
(Nah. That was a DIFFERENT universal crossover with another of my projects and another awesome ComicFury comic!)

This pic was commissioned by Paul "The Cosmic Beholder" Hoppe (
Left on A REALLY Happy Easter!
11th Nov 2017
The pants thing has finally been resolved- - sorta.
It's a good thing the kid didn't turn around.
Poor Reaper. There's a REASON she's usually seen as a walking skeleton. Skeletons don't have glands and organs.
Left on Good Deeds 015
27th Oct 2017
Sherman sure is obsessed with clothing the Misfits, ain't he? One would think that he were embarrassed about the human body or something.

Anyway, Death vs The Snitch Demon ended In only one round... with a beheading. Not that that stopped the little monster from running his yap.
Left on Good Deeds 014
Citizen Ant
11th Oct 2017
Citizen Ant
THAT guy.
Left on Good Deeds 013
8th Oct 2017
That name, "Volegnaroth" seems to have struck a nerve!
Left on Good Deeds 012