The Misfits of Mischief In: Parallel World Tour
Random fun with Monroe, Quinn and Bjorn, the Misfits of Mischief
Last update: 31st Oct 2019, 10:47 PM
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Bjorn Loki, Monroe Coyote and Quinn Anansi, the bastard trickster demigods known collectively as the 'Misfits of Mischief', have been to many a parallel and alternate reality across the Omniverse. Here are a relative few of their merry, madcap stopovers.




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Phoenix In Crisis
Phoenix In Crisis
I am Jack's Identity Crisis.
Or, at least, I'm JOHNNY's Identity Crisis.

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Phoenix In Crisis
The Boys find themselves on the wrong end of a favor owed... and the wrong end of Cerberus, as they have been conscripted into dog-walking... for HADES!
Who, in my multiverse, is more often than not, played by Christopher Walken!
(Mainly because of THIS)
Happy Halloween, everyone!
Author Note
Thank you! :D

Fear not, my friend.
When dealing with the infinite parallel and alternate universes, even gods have counterparts.
Over the course of their travels, the Misfits have met many Lokis. Good ones, evil ones...
The Loki of dimension Attica-6 was a corporate accountant and father of 3.
Bjorn's father was a rock star (So, yes, a DIFFERENT Loki), and, I'll letcha in on a little secret, as, I will be getting back to the Misfits of Mischief in 2020 - What the Misfits THINK they know about their dads MAY not necessarily be true!

Stay tuned!
(And, if you haven't seen it, give a peek at "Shelterville Shuffle", a Misfits side-story that was part of the multi-comic crossover project, "Cowboys & Crossovers" from a couple of years ago!
I still think the actual Cthulhu would have been a better choice. So sorry for you. XD
As much as I like the setting, I feel the need to specify that Loki would never harm one of his children... At least, not the Loki I know. Some experts think that Baldr's death was revenge for Fenrir's imprisonment and torture (and Odin clearly never heard of self-fulfilling prophecies).
So, the only way for me to keep reading is to assume that's a DIFFERENT Loki. Sorry, he's my favourite mythological being. XD
Still, I like your characters.
Bring on the hijjnks! XD