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Parasomnia is a supernatural nightmare-filled comic about a group of young adults fighting against the unknown evil behind the recent rise of nightmares.

When the Lakeside orphanage got turned into a hospital and asylum for the severely phobic, Kali, Edgar, Mara and Syren got assigned as the “Nightmare Kids”. It’s their task to enter the minds of patients and take it up against their phobias, while also dealing with their own demons.


Hey! I'm Cyaboron, 20 year old student and artist from Belgium. Avid 90s - early 2000 games and cartoons enthusiast and CATS

You can find my social media and portfolio here! https://linktr.ee/cyaboron

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Ahhh this is such an amazing comment, thank you so much!! I'm planning to put Celia more in the spotlight in the future!
Your art style is eye candy and the premise sounds really cool. The characters' designs have so much personality. I peeked at their character sheets and I adore Celia's look.

The way you paneled these makes it seem like I'm watching a cartoon on TV. Very excited to see where this goes.
LMAO they're just all gone
I bet her tongue is smooth because she doesn't have taste buds anymore
Two pages at once!!
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