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Last update: 21st Dec 2020, 8:45 PM
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Here is a tale of rovers and ramblers, of secrets and stories in the blood. It is the tale of a woman with ancient secrets in her heart, and a man who hides secrets of his own. It is a tale as wild as the trade winds, a tale that winds like the road. Come and see where it leads.


A jack of all trades and a collector of folk-stories, I'm a half-Irish wild child who loves music, art, and imagining all the possibilities.
Aspiring author and all-around artsy fartsy woman. I love creating characters and worlds and often wish I could live there instead of in the 'real world.'

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I fell behind for a while (I do this with most webcomics) and finally reread and caught up again. Still my favorite by far. Glad you'll be back soon! I'll be looking forward to June even more now <3
Phew. This interaction turned out a lot better than I expected.
The kiddos are so much fun to draw. And Talia is SO brave!
Tantz Aerine
This whole interaction is very adorable.