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Here is a tale of rovers and ramblers, of secrets and stories in the blood. It is the tale of a woman with ancient secrets in her heart, and a man who hides secrets of his own. It is a tale as wild as the trade winds, a tale that winds like the road. Come and see where it leads.


A jack of all trades and a collector of folk-stories, I'm a half-Irish wild child who loves music, art, and imagining all the possibilities.
Aspiring author and all-around artsy fartsy woman. I love creating characters and worlds and often wish I could live there instead of in the 'real world.'

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... broadly known ...
The Old Testament actually is quite young - stuff like that was already known several thousands years before; the Indus Valley civilization was a giant network of cities all with waste water canals; complex irrigation farming is 8000 years old; and - stemming from that - the first cities on earth by the Sumerians already had freshwater systems. Actually everything known today which is not depending on hightech was started by or known by the Sumerians more than 5000 years before present.
... but why did she not see his partial truth?
Is it dead, Jim?