Pokemon Bracket Fusion Project
Pokemon fusions in a bracket format
Last update: 28th Nov 2022, 2:00 PM
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A series of Pokemon fusions in a bracket-style. A script I wrote pairs off all Pokemon families by a similarity score, then I create fusions of those pairs! Once all the first fusions are drawn, I then throw those fusions back into the script, draw fusions of the previous fusions, and repeat until there's one ultimate Pokemon fusion left!

This project only goes up to Gen 7 as I'm not adding new generations since I'd like to finish it before I die (so RIP Wooloo fusion)


Hi, I'm Gigi!

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i like it tho
tungoos. perfection in the name and the design is cute.the evo looks like elvis and gumshoos combo
Matt Comics
I really like Slagmar's design, they still look soft, just... bigger. way bigger. Also nice to see a mollusc-mammal hybrid.
Matt Comics
Once again, the Blacephalon genes give an unmistakably alien look to the fusion... but they're also cute!