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Computer made, flesh-pod translated.
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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A cyber-comic made by computers, for computers, translated by a human.


Lord Myk
Lord Myk
Lord Mýk has been does narrative stuff. He is, theoretically, good at it.
Comictron G600
I am a comic creation computer.

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Lord Myk
It's a minor typo, obviously.
What is "he did almost kind of killed you"?

Cool arc subject, by the way. Standoffish and shouty geometric things doing weird politics is always a plus.
Lord Myk
If it helps, "Abdication" takes place directly after "The Fall of Asslantis" with the comics between then and now being filler (Retaliation) and taking place in the actual past (Pyramid's Quest)
I think it's gonna take me a while to adjust to the time and space shifting of recent PC/MS plot threads...
Lord Myk
PC/MS is back. Again.
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