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Comic profile: The Perils Of Lusynda
The Perils Of Lusynda
Anthro sword and sorcery, action and adventure with plenty of up-top bounce
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual ContentNudity
Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 14th May 2017
Number of comics: 49
Number of subscribers: 28
Visitors: 35193 visitors (165928 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.97 (116 votes)

Comic description

My project is a mature-audiences anthro sword-and-sorcery adventure starring a rather top-heavy bunny barbarian named Lusynda. In her adventures, a neighboring tribe called the Ferals are suddenly attacking and devouring her people as a famine ravages the land, threatening a peace that has lasted for generations.

So she must journey the forgotten wastes of the outer reaches of her world and travels the civilized kingdoms to find a way for her people to survive the dangers of the unexplored realms where all manner of beast and magic abide. She must also find a way for her tribe to survive the encroachment of the civilized kingdoms, exposing her soul to the temptations of civilization and gold-hoarders with their lascivious pleasures they offer.


Grey Garou
Grey Garou
I was born and raised in the cold Midwest. As I was growing up, I developed a love for art, books, and music (I also play the bass guitar). I attended about four years of college where I got an AA degree and a technical degree in printing and graphic arts. In 2003, I moved to the West Coast for a fresh start and to find a more friendly artistic community.

I'm a long-time comic artist who enjoys drawing the female form as appealing as possible, with emphasis on the curves above the waist. My work leans toward the realistic with exaggerations, with quasi-cartoony elements. I do both human and anthro characters. I also do a lot of cheesecake/pin-up art that can be simply naughty to very kinky/exotic.

I try to avoid the black and white, good and evil in my stories to allow me the creative flexibility to explore all sorts of philosophical and psychological tangents in the experiences of my character. I consider my work but to entertain, I don't seek to condemn or advocate. I cover a lot of different genres from sword and sorcery, horror, sci-fi, romantic, adult-oriented, slice of life and more. My work can be dramatic, funny, savage, erotic, and generally aims for a more mature audience. I do my art for two reasons, my creative satisfaction and viewer enjoyment. Don't be afraid to tell me you enjoy my work if you do.

Most recent comments left on The Perils Of Lusynda

20th May 2017
As long as you have fun making it, we'll have fun reading it. ;)
Left on End Of Part One
Grey Garou
14th May 2017
Grey Garou
And here we have the final page of part one. And it's significant for other reasons.

As of this page, I'm putting Lusynda on the shelf. I really need to re-evaluate her story and decide on a better course for her because how things are going, my motivation is going to continue to erode. I've been dissatisfied with both the story continuity and art inconsistencies, and it's affected my dedication to Lusynda.

When I drew the original six-pager back in 2005, I had no intention then of continuing the story. It was a submission to a magazine, nothing more. When I decided to continue it in 2012, I did not plan it out nearly enough and I continued a story that didn't have a proper beginning. I've wanted to go into far more detail about Lusynda's world, past, and relation with the Ferals, but the story didn't seem to fit. And of course many things have happened in my life since 2012.

I won't abandon Lusynda. I might start a new webcomic, or a different take on Lusynda. I haven't decided yet. But I do appreciate the attention and comments on my barbarian bunny and her bouncy exploits. Comics are in my blood and I will never abandon the art form.
Left on End Of Part One
13th Apr 2016
"I have my ways, slaver." An open ended reply. On the one hand it makes me want to be Lord Marshal. On the other...
Left on The Throne of Lillith - Page 26
Grey Garou
3rd Apr 2016
Grey Garou
New questions, and a whole new twist on the problems facing Lusynda.

After the next page, which is the conclusion to this first chapter, I'll be working on a new Lusynda project (that ties into this comic).
Left on The Throne of Lillith - Page 26
Grey Garou
17th Feb 2016
Grey Garou
Slavers tend to be assholes, and glorified sadists/bullies. The only way they can feel tall is by standing on someone.
Left on The Throne of Lillith - Page 25