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Pokemon? How Original...
Watch low effort doodles of trainers go on adventures.
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Okay, get this: A comic about a Pokémon trainer trying to become the champion! Aren't I so original!

Anyways, this is a comic about my playthroughs of Pokémon White 2. I hope everyone enjoys it!

Updates are fairly inconsistent due to IRL stuff.


I'm a pretty bad artist, but I'm improving. I like Pokemon and Splatoon.

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If this fight seems drawn out, then sorry! I've never done fight scenes before.
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In P?HO lore, Hugh is way more clever than he's given credit for.
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It's now my job to make the opponent's Pokémon look as cool as possible.
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Sword Otter is the Best Otter.
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How do I draw humans?
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