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Who needs words, anyway?
Last update: 22nd May 2013, 4:33 AM
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<i>Pin Drop</i> was originally the title of a minicomic I published in 1998 containing 5 wordless stories. It's quite a nice collection - the five stories hang together surprisingly well despite covering a wide range of genres and settings. Some were autobiographical, others were pure fantasy. One was written by Geir Strøm; the other four were all my creation.

I've thought about putting out a sequel or an expanded edition. There isn't enough suitable material for a sequel, and an expanded edition would arguably be like a CD reissue with bonus tracks stuck in at random points, interfering with the flow. I have decided, though, to make the web version the Expanded Edition, because the added stories have to be sorted <i>somewhere</i>.


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Basically, no matter what path you take, you're screwed. :P

So take the path you, personally, want to take most, because ultimately life's not worth it unless you live it the way you choose to.
The only unexplored option is "Turn back". Or "Kick the devil in the groin, steal his fork and then dash out on the grass". I'm not sure either of those will get you far.
Pro tip:Take the road less traveled
And that's a wrap for Pin Drop!
Author Note
Yup, thought that might be coming. :P
Nice story, though. :)