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Pokemon Virdirian
A misspelt viridian
Last update: 23rd Aug 2021, 11:00 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Occasional Strong Language
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Pokemon fan-fiction I came up with while in high school listening to punk rock.
It is set in the eight district of an unnamed region, following the story of an Sneasel, synthesized in a bio-weapon research laboratory. Ruined and resynthesized over many failed trials, she finally rejects the path her scientists gave her and escapes into the wild, sunlit, world.


I'm a Pokefan.
I like to crack jokes, play chess and manipulate pixels into what the oldies call 'art.' The most probable reason as to why I ever do art is to keep me sane, otherwise I figured that I should just become a vegetable. Nothing against them however, they are delish.

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End of Chapter 03: Home and Sanctuary.
Uploading may be a lot more sporadic now that I have finished the backlog. I have started work on chapter 4 but the going will be tough especially with university in its final semester. If anything here would be a good place to bookmark the comic, until I finish the next chapter and can begin posting again.
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Milo the luxio
Hopefully not for long
You are absolutely right. We should strive to be more sympathetic. It's just an alien feeling to her.
Milo the luxio
There's nothing wrong with having sympathy