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Comic profile: Cosmos
When Nonsense Collides!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today, 6:34 AM
Number of comics: 471
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Comic description

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cosmos - where the planets are donut-shaped, the people are small, green and friendly, and pop-cultural obsession is pretty much a prerequisite! Join Artie, Gene, Jenny, Ax, Macy and all their odd-ball friends as they navigate (to them) the normal travails of everyday life.... But hurry up! The next crazy adventure starts in five minutes!


Hey there! Jon Kay, cartoonist-at-large, here - I am a New Zealand-based freelance graphic designer / illustrator / motion graphics artist, working and living in Auckland. I love dinosaurs, Transformers and bad sci-fi movies! I draw the comic strip Cosmos!! I can't stop ending my sentences with exclamation marks!!!

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Very rarely is it that a Cosmos comic gets as far as being half-complete, only to be abandoned in mid-step - but such is the case with this gem from my archives. I'm not entirely sure why I never completed it, as it is a pretty darn funny (and absurd) situation: I mean, where DOES Optimus prime's trailer (and Roller) go when he's in robot mode? There are three possible reasons for its abandonment - 1) by the time I got around to doing it, J.J Abrams' Star Trek was no longer a 'new' movie, and the dialogue was a bit behind the times (but why wouldn't I just swap it for a different nerd-movie?); 2) drawing Roller and Op's combat deck was proving more difficult than it seemed at first, and I wasn't happy with how they were turning out (possible, as Roller looks reeeeeally off-model in panel 3); or 3) having Combat Deck - minus the truck trailer he's normally attached to, somehow - crammed into a single cinema seat just really, incredibly bugged me; and I couldn't get it to not look weird and wrong (that seems about right, methinks). At any rate, complete or not it's part of Cosmos canon, so with the dialogue added in, here it is for your delectation!
Left on The comic that never was!
5 days ago
Mother dearest was well served in the previous installment of the Cosmos Art Gallery, so now it's time for the other component of the family triad: Father's Day came upon us with well wishes and.... a friendly monster? On Cosmos, that's business as usual, people...
Left on Father's Day card art!
One week ago
As you know from a perusal of my archives, every year I do my regular round of gift cards for friends and family - including, obviously, my parents. And, as befitting the latest installment of the Cosmos Art Gallery, here's the one I concocted for my mother for Mother's Day!
Left on Mother's Day card art!
12 days ago
Sometimes, I come across a piece of artwork in my archives that doesn't come from any readily identifiable project or event - and this, Cosmos fans, is one of them. It's a one-off spot illustration, but what was I going to use it for? A comic panel? A poster? One of my hand-made greeting cards? My gut instinct says 'birthday card art', but since I never actually used it for anything, it's exact purpose has never been made clear. Ohhh, wait a minute - it gets to feature in the Cosmos Art Gallery! There's a purpose for you!
Left on Mystery of the unassigned art....
Two weeks ago
Ahh, gotta love the opportunity to do Cosmos / Transformers mash-up art. As a long-time fan of the titular Robots In Disguise (being born in 1979, I've seen their entire evolution, people), I've done many homages in comics, short stories and illustrations - and this just happens to be the next one of them; filtered through the warped sensibilities of my crazy green alien-folk!
Left on If you're gonna ride, Dann-o.... Ride in style!