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Comic profile: Cosmos
When Nonsense Collides!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Today, 4:23 AM
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Comic description

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cosmos - where the planets are donut-shaped, the people are small, green and friendly, and pop-cultural obsession is pretty much a prerequisite! Join Artie, Gene, Jenny, Ax, Macy and all their odd-ball friends as they navigate (to them) the normal travails of everyday life.... But hurry up! The next crazy adventure starts in five minutes!


Hey there! Jon Kay, cartoonist-at-large, here - I am a New Zealand-based freelance graphic designer / illustrator / motion graphics artist, working and living in Auckland. I love dinosaurs, Transformers and bad sci-fi movies! I draw the comic strip Cosmos!! I can't stop ending my sentences with exclamation marks!!!

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Unlike virtually every other comic I draw, the artwork for the Secret Bunny Exchange was not done all in one piece - given that I wanted to have a vector art background (and semi-transparent virtual keboards hovering in front of Gene and Octavius), I needed to draw each of the characters and props separately so I could put them each in their appropriate place in the scene. An added benefit of this was that I could draw each character as big (and detailed) as I wanted, and then individually scale them so they were in proper proportion to everyone else; which is important when you consider that Octavius and Lucy Q are human beings and Artie, Gene and Ax are, at the most, two-and-a-half feet tall.....
Left on Secret Bunny Exchange original art
5 days ago
Outside of the main Crossover Exchange, the other crossover-themed collaborative project I've been involved in is the Secret Bunny Exchange; wherein one does crossover fan art (or some kind of comic story) for another Comic Furian's comic.... for the advent of Easter! I was gifted the anthology series Xailenrath Comics Presents, more coloquially known as XCP . As, at that point in time, the creator (Hi, Octavius!) was showcasing a set of 'semi-autobiographical' comics featuring cartoon versions of himself and his girlfriend Lucy Q; I decided it would be fun for the Cosmos gang to fling them an invite via Professor Pod's dimansional portal, and invite them over for some Easter-time fun! All I had to do was somehow incorporate something into the story that I'd promised myself I'd include, regardless of what comic I got: a giant cyborg Easter bunny. But once I hit upon the idea of the mighty beast being a character in a video game ('Anything Fighter', a bit of very obscure history from the Old-School version of Cosmos), and had him go up again Genezilla, King of the Cosmonsters, everything fell into place. This comic is also one of the very few in which the backgrounds were all vector art rather than hand-drawn; which made it a lot easier - if more time consuming - to fit all the characters and props into the frame, and add in the 'virtual reality' keypads Gene and Octavius are playing with....
Left on The Secret Bunny Exchange 2017
One week ago
Boy oh boy oh boy, did that last panel take a long time to draw - but man, was it worth it. Not satisified with merely hanging out on Valentines Day, the combined forces of Cosmos and Curse Quest teamed up to carry out one of the other key traditions of any multi-character crossover: taking on the forces of (clearly unprepared) evil in a no-holds-barred fight scene! I can just imagine the aftermath of the battle, as the Demon hordes limped back to their mighty overlord:

"You are the Demon Hordes of Rastuflaxx!! How did you let that pathetic rabble beat you?! How!?!"

"Master, please! They had Cosmosians with them!!"

"COSMOSIANS?!? Oh-- Okay-- Well-- never mind, then."

While it was great fun coming up with a diverse menagerie of monsters to populate the Demon Hordes (and colour / design-coordinating their armour and weapons), the most difficult parts of creating that final panel were A) figuring out where each hero character was going to go (so they were all evenly mixed together, had enough elbow room and no-one was fatally obscuring anyone else), and B) making sure I didn't forget to put anyone in! And with 6 Curse Quest guys and nearly 12 Cosmosians, that wasn't an easy job....
Left on The Valentines 2017 exchange, page 3
12 days ago
This crossover exchange story is, for the most part, a series of linked vignettes - or, to be more accurate, the plethora of individual gags I came up with as my ideas spiralled horribly out of control, put into some vague semblance of order with narration by Artie over the top of it. Not really needing to connect one shot with the next in terms of in-scene dialogue (or even logic), it freed me to put in some fairly outrageous stuff without having to worry about explaining it later on. Basically, I just wanted to have as much fun throwing the Cosmos and Curse Quest casts together as I could, in the brief space of time the latter were on loan to me - case in point being the 'Cross-Universal Jousting Tournament', which is very hard to stop cackling uncontrollably about even now. How DID Gene manage to convince Avalon and Mogarth that doing it was actually a sensible way to spend their afternoon?
Left on The Valentines 2017 exchange, page 2
Two weeks ago
The second Crossover Exchange I participated in is where the rubber hit the road, and I really hit my stride. Assigned Jon Vanegas and David Faz's hilarious fantasy-pastiche comic Curse Quest, which I took an instant liking to, I found my mind overflowing with far too many ridiculous ideas of how my characters and theirs could interact with one another. Although I was originally going to only go with a single panel - the last one on this first page, in fact - the nascent story took on a life of its own, and mutated hideously into the mash-up tale you now behold before you. And the Curse Quest cast weren't just going to have to deal with Artie and Gene, oh no: the entire a-team cast was going to rudely intrude into their universe! This story also introduced the method by which the Cosmos gang achieved their jumps between realities, or brought characters in from other comics - a convenient dimensional portal in Professor Pod's lab....
Left on The Valentines 2017 Exchange, page 1