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Webcomic profile: Cosmos
When Nonsense Collides!
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Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 3:06 AM
Number of comics: 540
Number of subscribers: 18
Visitors: 34638 visitors (204347 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.81 (37 votes)

Webcomic description

Welcome to the wonderful world of Cosmos - where the planets are donut-shaped, the people are small, green and friendly, and pop-cultural obsession is pretty much a prerequisite! Join Artie, Gene, Jenny, Ax, Macy and all their odd-ball friends as they navigate (to them) the normal travails of everyday life.... But hurry up! The next crazy adventure starts in five minutes!


Hey there! Jon Kay, cartoonist-at-large, here - I am a New Zealand-based freelance graphic designer / illustrator / motion graphics artist, working and living in Auckland. I love dinosaurs, Transformers and bad sci-fi movies! I draw the comic strip Cosmos!! I can't stop ending my sentences with exclamation marks!!!

Most recent comments left on Cosmos

Ah, Ax, good to see you again - looks like you're the proud recipient of my 'Running Gag' story thread. Hope you survive the experience, and all that.... Looking back on these BOTD strips from the safety of the future (Past-Jon can't get me here!), the minimal dialogue ones definitely work better than those with a more complex plot; as they're simple, straightforward and to the point. Still, arranging them in an alternating sequence was a smart idea on Past-Jon's part - it gives the sequence a bit of variety, and stops things from being too repetitive. Good to see he could at least get that bit right....
Left on Beware of the Dog 3
3 days ago
This is one of those Old-school Cosmos strips that I'm in two minds about - it's essential to this collection of comics (and part of the 'Beware of the Dog' sequence), so therefore I have to include it; and you can't go wrong with a visit by Mr. Eugene Carmichael Ellis; but something about it's execution seems a bit.... off. Is it the rather contrived scenario? The rather clunky expository dialogue? The fact that I thought 'Yehh, it'll do' when I finished it, rather than laughing out loud? Who knows. Still, it's a 'Beware of the Dog' joke, and Gene had better start running!
Left on Beware of the Dog 2
8 days ago
As I'm sure I've explained in the past, somewhere, the earliest influence for Cosmos was Jim Davis' Garfield (also Charles Schultz'Peanuts and Dik Browne's Hagar the Horrible, although to a lesser degree) - including his penchant for 'Beware of the Dog'jokes; which, amazingly, he seems to have an endless supply of variations on that deceptively simple theme. I could in no way compete with that impressive track record, but that didn't stop me from trying: after a set of four back in 1999, and a couple of other individual gags, I started this little Quintessance of sort-of-linked gags featuring both Ax and other Cosmosians. Me being me, it is unsurprising that my ideas generally leant more toward the.... odd end of the spectrum....
Left on Beware of the Dog 1
10 days ago
.... Words fail me.

Just when you don't think Gene could possibly get any weirder, or any more random, here comes this star turn. Are we to assume that if Mr. Ellis cut down on his Squeezee-cheese consumption, it may render him more tractable, more sane, a more productive and coherent member of society; nay, a willing cog in the great machine that is modern society?

.... Yehh, I didn't think so either. Five cartons of aerosol-based dairy by-products for my good friend, please!
Left on Turn the weirdness dial up to 11!
4th Jul 2019
Nobody looks good first thing in the morning, all groggy, disoriented and incoherent, with your hair in a matted, tangled birds nest and your eyelids all glued together.... Still, it could be worse: you could be in the same situation as Gene....
Left on Beauty sleep? Try Ugly sleep....