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Planet Outrun
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Last update: 18th Jan 2013, 4:08 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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A delegation of peaceful alien lands on earth bringing terrible news for humans: earth's life cycle is set to its limits, within three months of life on earth will not be sustainable.
A new international body, the EISC (Earth's international Scientific Community) was quickly established to do targeted researches which eventually confirms the terrible prediction
The aliens offer to to rescue a small number of humans letting other by their own to find way of salvation.
Planet Outrun is about a number of humans and their efforts escape the impending disaster


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“Very good”
Bravo Axl
Yeah I could get into this, let's see how it goes! :)
Alucai Vivorvel
Interesting comic so far, reminds me of the movie 2012, with their arks (though those were human-made, not alien).

a lot of spelling mistakes. Still easy enough to read, though, so don't worry about it.
...and, here we go: the cover of the first episode. Like "Assassin of Superheros" the layout of this webcomic will be quite classic: multiple panels per page (no outer border panels anyway)
I still do not feel enough confident to promise constant updates, hell, I can't even be sure this could go on hiatus webcomic right now.
Well, once I'll fell more sure about this I'll certain do the next 2 ~ 3 chapter (which I've already loosely scripted thanks to "PlanetRun")
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