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A shocking event at an economic summit forces Bettina "Tiny" Timmy, the CEO of Timmy's ToyCo, to retreat to Monaco. But danger may have followed her...

A spin-off to Cryptida and sequel to Childhood's End, featuring characters from the LIR-verse and from Autumn Bay.



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An oddly specific guess... but no, it isn't.
Ariane Eldar
Pffft, I've already guessed it wasn't William Burroughs.
Thank you!

Though to be honest, this was more the fortunate side effect of switching around who does what panel (in contrast to the two pre-Playground art works linked above) rather than 100 % the initial intention.
(Not quite like Bob Ross' "happy accidents", but a bit similar conceptually.)
Timmy's ToyCo has already experimented with TV-ads that included the particular scene you're referring to ...

And there's indeed somebody special in room 23!
Well, or at least somebody we've already seen. Somebody... important. But special? Uh... debatable.
And that's what can happen if you fool around with the silverware, kids!