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Your consciousness is set in flesh you were not born in. You awake to find yourself in a world where lands migrate when you aren’t looking. For some reason losing your memory is worth the cost. You were human once, right?

How does amnesia work? How much of you is lost? Is it worth regaining? Anamnesis is an anthology about de/reconstructing important elements from the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series.

There are 13 stories completed thus far.

When a story goes live, there will be an update once a week.

Main Themes: Aimai | Isekai | Monomyth | Parody | PMD | Psychological | Surreal | Transhumanism | Uchronia | Urban Fantasy | Vignette


Surreal multimedia artist who draws with minerals in various states of distress. Here to fictionally drown in uchronia, voidpunk, ♤ and transhumanism.


(Super recommended you PM me here on ComicFury I kind of live here.)

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Dang, this is great!
Thank you very much.

The alt text on page 6 all mean MISSING in different languages. The attempted languages are: Persian, Greek, Gujarati and Hebrew.
Woaaaw ! This chapter was amazing !

Also, I love the alt text on pages, it adds soooo many details to the story ! ~

Quick question since you did not write what it meant, but what does the alt text on the sixth page mean ? Or is it just random letters and symbols ?
Thank you~
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3