Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Mitigation
How long until this war is over?
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"How long has this war been raging?"

The world of Pokemon! A vast, wondrous place wherein Humans and Pokemon of all kinds live, work and prosper greatly together. Or... they had. What had started as a few embers of rebellion grew into a flood of ceaseless fighting and betrayal; where once great cities fall to ruin under the rule of hatred, and the dearest of friends are violently ripped apart. Humans and Pokemon alike have prayed to their gods for a miracle, anything to restore their peace.
Their cries remain unanswered.
It is said, however, that an evolution lost to Human science will find a way to end the battle...but after a decade of waiting, we have had enough. It is not coming. It does not exist. And I fear that none will realize the futility until there is no one left to fight...
But perhaps now...There is a chance.

(Updates Mon/Wed/Fri when able. Reads Right to Left)
*Contains Gen 1-4 and my own Fakemon Generation


Average height, dyed red hair and fan of Creepypasta and Pokemon Theories.
My main comic is PMD: Mitigation (Currently revamping)
I'm working to establish myself as an artist, so I have some original works that I'm hoping to post very soon! So please look forward to that

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I don't wanna hurt but I need to right now so I can put you in a mind control ball so you'll be under my control for the rest of your life.
Don't wanna hurt ya, just wanna stuff you in a mind control ball.
She says that like her other Pokemon didn't just attack the dragonair last page.

Also, what pokemon is Uku? I don't recognize it
“Overnight Obligation”
I appear to have embarked on the shortlist for overnight order picking at work.
I mentioned to our new store director that with the holidays being here, and oh yeah, Cyber Monday is a thing, having a crew packing on Overnights would be a good idea. Same day, the district manager gets on the weekly meeting and says the same thing.
This was Last week.
Another manager finally convinced him to let it happen because he kept bailing and calling it off because of lack of interest. So that's what I'm doing this week, I'm pretty sure. I already adjusted my sleep schedule, but i'm still writing this at like 6AM and after being awake for 20 hours, I'm tired ;w;

We're still good for updates, though, so don't you worry! I hope everyone had a good holiday weekend and safe travels to and from your families.
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knowing me? Definitely a rock.