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Pokemon Rangers work day and night to protect people and Pokemon, no matter what. When fledgling ranger Eliza is thrown into a whole new world with her friends' lives on the line, what will she do to get everyone back home?

NOTE: This is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon comic which means the vast majority of the story takes place in the Pokemon world.


Hihi! I am GC, it's nice to meet you all!

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A little bit of Voidpunk is just good for the soul! And, thank you! :D
Who knows! :0 Well- Arceus does, but yaknow, who knows.
What a closing! The eye, the hands! If this isn't Voidpunk I don't know what this is.

Please enjoy your hiatus~
Man wonder why Arceus was so desperate to stop this deal >:3c
Thank you so much! I mean, if you got 1000 hands you should definitely use them! The glitchyness- eh it's fine. It probably washes off. :)

I'm really excited as well :D I can't wait- the next chapter can't come soon enough!