PMD: A Change In Fate
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In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon a Human meets their partner and saves the world.

But what if it was different?

A Human called Andy ends up being turned into a Skitty with lost memories of his past but three things he's able to remember is a joy of showing others his power he despises cowards and his name.

But meets two Pokemon that change things for him. PMD Explorers Of Sky What if The Hero was The Leader Of Team Skull.


I'm just someone who likes video games and comics
I also have a Tumblr account if you want to see it.

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Shellos i wonder what it wants.
Random games
I have a feeling it that Shellos get in his way, he'd be hella ded lol
oooh he about to do something cool I hope that's the case.
Random games
He mad, even revenge he get, it'll probably end up bad.
Oh boy.