Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Alliance
Reunite the world... send us home....
Last update: 31st May 2021, 11:00 AM
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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Since the dawn of the Pokemon world, HUMANS have always been brought into this world in times of crisis to save it from destruction, wielding incredible powers and bringing with them strange new knowledge of other realities. When a noibat calling himself "KID" falls out of the sky - into a world stripped of its mystery (dungeons), newly industrialised and on the verge of collapse, controlled by the all-powerful GUILD - he will discover that humans have become the most valuable resource on the planet, and some 'mon would do anything to get their paws on him...

Updates Mondays and Fridays (if my buffer survives that long...)


Just your average run-of-the-mill PMD artist, you know the drill. Currently posting old pages of PMD: Alliance!

Most recent comments left on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Alliance

P1: Again, I think we missed a page/panel… where did the antagonists come from?
P2: The range of expressions are nice. And what’s that on Ninjask’s back?
P3: Also, where did Velouria come from?
P4-5: Move-links! That’s new!
P6: Move inhibitors?

..and that's all (until next time)

So maybe you'll return. Maybe you won't. That happens too. And that's okay
Either way, not sure such words are of help here, but... I hope your pains end. And merry Christmas, I guess.
P1-2: I like the continuity between these panels. The lush vine in the schoolyard souring in the dream..
P3: Or is it the other way?.
P4: The word-phrasing is awkward to me, but maybe I’m just used to more present tense. Anyways, Borges would approve.
P5: Eyebrows of concern! dun dun dun
P1: Strong and simple panel. Bold. Effective.
P2: Where did Kid come from?
P3: Really like these unconventional perspectives. One of the highlights of your art, for me at least
P1: Guessing you studied movement; liking Sawsbuck canter (is that what it’s called?)
P2: Is symmetry easier to do? Still, perspective is respected, as we can see Rampardos’s left leg and not their right. And I guess it's not the focus of the panel, just something resulting from a straight head-on shot
P3: So Sawsbuck is related to Deerling who was classmates with Pancham who evolved to Pangoro after PSMD
P4: Liking the subtle shadows blotches from their leafy antlers
P5: Could it be that easy?
Row 1: More dramatic posing~
R2: Liking everything here. The cutting swipe leading the eye, the natural panel formed by Ninjask, the effects for the duplicate, shadows, expressions, etc…
R3: The move did damage? From the mark where it contacted
R4: Pretty much.