Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Alliance
Reunite the world... send us home....
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Since time immemorial, Humans have been summoned to save the Pokemon world from destruction, bringing with them incredible powers and strange knowledge from another reality. But when a noibat calling himself "Kid" falls out of the sky into a newly industrialised Pokemon world - stripped of all its mystery (dungeons) by the all-powerful "Guild" - he soon will discover that humans have become the most valuable resource on the planet, and some would do anything to get their paws on him...

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I have beat super mystery dungeon so many time that I lost count but I can tell you this
The rainbow emera is called the awakening emera and it does two things
First it will give you increased stats temporarily
Second it allows certain Pokémon to mega evolve
head empty
It's the truth though!
Haha she calls him big ears lol
That rainbow color reminds me of another comic lol.
It’s worse than I thought….MY BOY GOT DUMBO EARS, maybe he’ll have more success flying with those than his actual wings