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PMD: Broken Code
A mystery dungeon comic cause why not
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A young human wakes up in the Pokemon world as a Plusle! Her memories, however, are mostly gone. She stays with a rescue team called GlowHeart, and her human self seems to fade away from her. Follow Rose and her life with a rescue team, while unknowingly being the next savior of their world.

Updates on Wednesday!!


Hello!!! I'm Love (or Pup). Wholesome vibes ready to spread all around B)

Instagram is _.lovepup._ if you wish to see other art from me!

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Sorry for no update last week! Here's that fun explanation page.

It's funny because I made Gen look a bit cool getting the notes on the last page, and now they're gone like that! Guess that's just how she works, haha.
Author Note
ono, is alone
Reminds me of Pearl from Steven universe.
Could be
-adoption papers
-found papers
-missing papers
Or something else
Thank you!