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The Beginning.
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Rose is the next hero meant to save the Pokemon World! But when she's sent into this new land, she awakens forgetting all but her own name. Even the most important memory is lost: the fact that she's a human.

Follow her in a slice-of-life comic, as she grows up like a regular Pokemon, oblivious to her destiny.


Helloo!!! I'm Love (or Pup). Just some idiot making art:)

Here's my Carrd with all links to my socials!

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Can't believe I'm saying this, buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutttttt... Rose is me whenever there is something going on but I want to say something, but I am polite I chooice not to interrupt and hide in my gosh darn room, as I do.
Glad you liked it, I always try my hardest to write interesting stories so I wanted to try and write someone else's characters and I thought Rose was one I could nail easily. Also I write lore as what is essentially a day job, except I earn nothing but a good story. :3
don’t say watched don’t say watched don’t say watched
Don't worry about it! This was a really fun read!! I like the effort put into this story- and the lore too! It was pretty interesting. I'd say you wrote Rose pretty well!

Thank you for writing a story with my characters. I really liked this!
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Poor child. Hope ROse is gonna be alright.