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PMD: Dragon Descent
You don't need a lot to save the world.
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A long 100 years ago, Rayquaza mysteriously disappeared. With no one able to control Groudon and Kyogre, they are constantly fighting for their turf, eluding to the destruction of Hoenn's society.

One day, however, a small landslide brings a strange Dratini with it, rescued by Aero, a local Swablu. The Dratini suffered from extreme memory loss and can't remember anything but their name, Ray. As the two become friends, they find that their roles in this world may be more important than first thought...


I'm a Pokemon nerd and fanartist! That's it qvq

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I guess you didn't get a chance to post your comic to smackjeeves
I'm going to upload the existing pages as double uploads for the next couple of days. After that, it'll update on Monday and Friday every week. This might change in the future.
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Here's the cover in it's entirety. It was designed for Smackjeeves before it shot itself in the foot with its website redesign.
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