Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Falling Twilight
Time is falling and twilight is rising
Last update: 30th May 2020, 2:20 AM
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A human turned into a Pokemon. One of the oldest stories in time. But time might run out before this one is over...
Found on a beach unconscious, Dawn, a human, is turned into a Skitty. With no trace of who she was. The Pokemon that found her is a Riolu named Dusk, who recently ran away from Wigglytuff's Guild. The two quickly become friends. And together, join the Guild that Dusk ran from. But, the two friends' fates are set in stone, and time is destined to run out before they can save themselves.

But fate can be changed.

Falling Twilight is based on a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky Nuzlocke. Most of the story and all of the Pokemon belong to Gam Freak and Chunsoft, the names, and some of the story is mine. I tried to do a Nuzlocke. Although, I am messing with the story a bit, so... it'll be a bit different.


Just some random introvert who likes the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games, and the main ones.

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eh ok.
Chapter 1 was short, 2 will be longer I promise
Author Note
oh ok!!
She can't understand Pokemon. If she lost all her memories, she lost her knowledge about the Pokemon langue. She knows English, but the Pokemon would not understand it. So she can, she just doesn't
wait she can't talk?