Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Keepers of Light
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After being thrust into an unfamiliar world in an unfamiliar form, Tyrus has to adapt to his new life as a Pokemon while keeping an eye out for unknown threats. Follow him and his partner Astra as they're thrown into the deep end of adventuring work, forced to deal with an evil gang threatening the town's safety, encounter legendary Pokemon, and decipher Tyrus' origins and the mysterious portal that he came from.


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He might be onto something
Hey this a really good comic I wonder when they will get to looking in the parts of the foundation lab that someone that knows them would look
You all had one job and it was to not take your eyes off the zorua
Zorua friend
so zorua was hte impostor, she was ejected, and htere are n imposters left among us (what is n? an unknown natural number)